Coffee + Roasteries

You might think NYC is oversaturated with coffee shops and roasting facilities, but our experience in this niche world has proven otherwise! We’ve been at the helm for several new locations to get your daily fix in recent years – and for us it never gets old! We’re with you in the front row seat to help you identify what to look for before signing a lease, to create a unique coffee experience for your business, and to help problem solve all things technical from planning to opening day. 

I love Parkbench Architects! My father was my architect for years so it’s safe to say I have a very high standard for design and architecture. Parkbench is the first team I've come across who I'm comfortable working with on complex projects from my restaurants, coffee shops & roasters, to my own home. Not your typical architects- they're actually willing to pull up their sleeves on the jobsite. Highly recommend!

- Gavin Compton, Variety Coffee